When you are an Amazon Vendor (1P seller), you simply invoice Amazon directly for your products and they pay you on whatever terms you have negotiated with them. Amazon then takes charge of listing creation & promotion.

When you are a 3P seller, you aren’t selling “to” Amazon. Instead, you are selling “on” Amazon. That means that you (or us) must create and promote your product listings – and there are a LOT of “moving parts” that need to be managed to get the most out of Amazon.

Now here’s the BIG difference between 1P and 3P…

With 1P, Amazon will not agree to honor your MAP pricing and whenever their price drops below MAP, which it often will, your brick and mortar retail partners will waste no time telling you how much they don’t appreciate this.

When you partner with Great Products for Great People for 3P selling, your MAP pricing will be honored by us 100% of the time. It’s right in our agreement with you. If we didn’t honor it, that would be a breach of our agreement with you – and it’s all in writing.

Nothing! We pay you. You don't pay us. Great Products for Great People is the ultimate "triple bottom line!" When you succeed, we succeed and we succeed by selling product which supports the development of Rocco's Ranch in communities around the United States. Rocco's Ranch is a residential facility and working ranch for autistic individuals that age out of the public school system. It is also a resource for the local community.
We take this role completely off your plate so you can focus on manufacturing, product control and much more.

When we partner with you, we become responsible for:
  • Listing creation & optimization
  • Copy writing
  • Photos
  • Keyword research
  • Reviews
  • Promotions
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer email support
  • Returns
  • MAP Enforcement

Yes! To help you eliminate unauthorized sellers that violate MAP, there are two steps we recommend.

Step 1: We have partnered with a firm that specializes in MAP enforcement that will assist in quickly removing unauthorized sellers.

Step 2: Once all unauthorized sellers have been removed, you can grant Great Products for Great People semi or full exclusivity for your product(s) on your chosen marketplace(s). When you do this, we are able to set up monitoring software to alert us of any new violations that surface.

Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the best way to grow sales and get your listing to start ranking for new keywords. We have mastered this art form because its an essential component of our strategy.

We pay for this as long as the numbers make sense.
Definitely! In fact, this is the way we see the industry going.  With this model, we manage your brand on your behalf through your seller account that we can either set up for you or use your existing account.

There are so many benefits to having us as your brand manager. The short and simple of it is, you make more money, you have more control over your product and you have a direct to consumer channel that gives you more control and increases the value of your business.

We're available to discuss this model with you over the phone or video conference.