Should we sell our products on Amazon

22 Mar

Every entrepreneur’s goal is to grow a successful business. However, most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) may not have adequate finances and infrastructure to succeed. Small businesses have the ability to provide exceptional customer experience. However, Amazon can help scale their operations by handling most of their logistics.

Amazon is committed to aiding the growth of SMEs. The company has established a Small Business Awards program that celebrates SMEs with Amazon seller or vendor accounts. They are also making huge investments to aid the growth of third-party sellers on the platform. It’s reported that approximately half of Amazon’s annual sales are from small businesses.

What’s The Procedure of Selling on Amazon?

  • Register your seller account
  • Upload your listings
  • Customers see and buy your products
  • Deliver your products to customers
  • Receive your payment

The benefits of selling on the platform aren’t limited to increased sales; you are also bound to boost your online exposure and engagement, reach new customers as well as provide value and convenience.

As digital business continues to evolve, SMEs that embrace digital transformation are likely experience more growth. Amazon is therefore ramping up it's efforts to encourage you to partner with them. They recently launched 150 tools and services to help you grow your online sales.

Focus on What Matters

Joining forces with Amazon enables you to focus on the core aspects of your business to help you compete in any space.

1. Prioritize on customer service. Amazon can make your marketing faster, simpler, and more affordable. It’s also helps you provide positive customer experiences.

2. Keep track of your finances. Forecasting, financial management, and monitoring cash flow are some of the core challenges that small businesses face. Many don’t have the expertise and knowhow to handle this. Using Amazon gives you more time to focus on these critical areas. 

3. Ensures you are prepared for the unexpected. With Amazon handling a huge chunk of your logistics, you can use your time and resources to create a contingency plan in case of a downturn in sales, unexpected expenses or any other unforeseen eventualities. 

Partnering with Amazon allows you to focus on your customers and business strategy. Offer customers unique experiences, more time, and attention. This allows your brand personality to shine. 

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