E-commerce uptick in March

08 Apr

Most retail sectors experience e-commerce uptick in March, Amazon expected to postpone Prime Day, and Americans quickly adapt to online grocery.

Let's take a closer look at some of this week's headlines. 

Stat of the Week


Online grocery sales represent roughly 2% of the total food and beverage sales in the US.  (Marketplace Pulse, 2020)

E-commerce transaction volumes experience big uptick in March for most retail sectors

What you should know:

  • According to a report released by ACI Worldwide, there’s been a 74% rise in online transaction volume for most retail sectors 

  • The uptick is a result of millions of consumers in quarantine turning to e-commerce to meet their retail needs

Key Takeaway: Most retail sectors are experiencing an unprecedented spike in online transactions. Quarantine practices around the world have caused an increasing number of consumers to move their purchasing habits online, and we’re just starting to see the effects. 
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