Benefits of working with a 3rd party seller

22 Mar

Benefits of Working with a 3rd Party Seller 

The continuous rise in the eCommerce business has led to a significant change in the dynamics of retail and sales. Businesses should employ an effective eCommerce strategy or risk being stunted by a slowed online presence. This is important for SMEs looking to develop their brand through major platforms, such as amazon. 

Listing and managing products through Amazon is undoubtedly challenging. As a brand, you should not only monitor listings, but also navigate the sophisticated marketing space, set pricing, and provide outstanding customer service. However, this is made easier by enlisting the services of a third-party seller. Below are what your business will benefit from working with third-party eCommerce sellers. 

  1. Total Focus on Marketplace 

Juggling between monitoring your company listings, providing customer service, setting prices, and other aspects within the Amazon marketplace is challenging. Outsourcing some of these functionalities to third-party sellers provides assured results. Third parties focus on achieving specific set goals, which could be increasing your brand awareness, building an effective paid advertisement, reviewing product feed data for accuracy, and more. 

Without the intervention of third-party sellers, you’ll have to employ dedicated staff to handle specific tasks, including handling customer inquiries, replenishing the inventory, pricing, and client order processing, among others. Third-party sellers offer day-to-day involvement, assuring effectiveness when executing such responsibilities. 

  1. Increasing Brand Visibility 

Currently, a significant percentage of general online product search begins on Amazon. Without a doubt, your position in Amazon search results directly affects your brand awareness and purchase. As such, it is essential to maximize product visibility on Amazon, which can be done effectively by third-party sellers. To succeed, you should understand the key search terms that potential buyers use to find products and optimize your listings with as many search terms as possible. 

You shouldn’t expect significant sales if your product titles don’t have the main keyword that potential buyers use when finding such products. Undertaking this is not only confusing for wholesalers but also tedious. However, third-party sellers put serious effort into accurate keyword research and optimization, ensuring that your products top Amazon product search rankings. This immediately boosts your organic sales. 

Bottom Line 

If you haven’t explored the best from Amazon's eCommerce marketing strategy, you are probably not achieving your full potential. Besides increasing brand awareness and focusing on Amazon’s marketplace, third-party sellers also help with inventory management and boosting revenue with PPC campaigns. However, you should ensure that you find a good third-party seller to enjoy these benefits.  

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